Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SUP 9-26-15 The Austin Episode

In this episode we talk about the continued change in downtown Salinas. After recording in the neighborhood for 18 months we have seen the change happen first hand and had the opportunity to meet a lot of the local business owners that are making it happen. We also talk about the amount of world-class businesses within 1 mile of each other that every person would love to have in their city. We also bring up Austin, Texas a lot. Seriously Austin. What are you doing out there in no mans land?

Monday, September 21, 2015

SUP 9-17-15 feat Steve-O from Redlight District

One of the reasons we like to record at XL Public House is, you never know who might walk in the door. This week it was our friend and Santa Cruz based musician Steve-O. Oz and Steve-O have been friends for over 18 years and has been playing music for longer, so they have a lot of stories to pass back and forth. Steve-O talks about the difference between the Santa Cruz and Salinas music scenes, his band The Redlight District and what can be found under the grates and manholes in downtown Salinas. We also play our interview we recorded with The Letters Home after their latest show at the Public House. They have very kind words to say about our city and tell us all about their nationwide tour and new album.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SUP 9-10-15: Extra, Extra Hear all about it

In this episode we discuss the recent change that has The Californian only printing 3 days a week and how bad that is for local discourse. It is the oldest continuously published newspaper in California and an excellent tool for such a small city to get its information. We also play some sound clips we recorded at the Fire and Ice party hosted by Jack Daniels at 201 Main. Some really great sounds of a bunch of people partying in downtown Salinas.