Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12-6-15 SUP Episode #83

In this episode we talk about The Letters Home returning to the Public House and downtown Salinas. These guys showed up randomly on their way to a gig in San Francisco and ended up becoming an unofficial house band. We also get into Salinas's most interesting council-member and his upcoming appearance in front of a judge to face some very serious charges. Also, Oz talks about his discovery of grinding his own black pepper with peppercorn from Gold Leaf.
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

SUP 11-30-15 We Are Family

In this episode Oz talks about a conversation he had with an elementary school principal from the Eastside. She said that kids in Salinas go to school for three reasons. The majority of kids go to school to learn, but their is a group of kids that go to school to get the love they are not getting at home and another group of kids that goes to school to be able to eat every day. When Oz was younger he was one of the kids that went to school mainly to have something to eat and he talks about how that conversation affected him.