Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SUP 2-16-15 Councilman In The Mirror

This episode our guest is another one of Salinas' great citizens, our friend Marcy. Marcy was raised in Salinas and currently lives in Sacramento as an advocate for people in abusive relationships. Although, not planned she is an excellent guest to talk about Oz's Newz topic of the day, the abusive actions of the Salinas City Council against its citizens. The council regularly asks the citizens of Salinas to give more. More time, more money, more appreciation, but Oz is asking them to be the change they want to be in Salinas. To have a functioning, healthy community we all need to work together and the "do as I say not as I do" attitude of the people running this town needs to stop. We also talk about the events happening the last couple of weekends of the month: Feb 21 Slayer day at the XL Public House, Feb 22 The Letters Home comes back to Salinas to do a show at the XL Public House, Feb 28 IPA fest at the XL Public House and it is John Steinbecks birthday. Salinas Underground will be giving away baked goods from a local bakery outside of the Public House. 

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