Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SUP #99 Y Medio: Steinbeck Festival Home Brew Fest

This Saturday May 7th is the First annual Steinbeck Home Brew Fest. 3 beer gardens will be spread out over the 100 block of Main St featuring beers from over 30 home brewers. A lot of your neighbors are secret chemists and brewmasters and this will be a great chance to try some of their creations. Jessica McKillip comes on the show to give us all the details you need to have a great time at this event. The Steinbeck festival will also be going on at the same time and at 2pm their will be a "race of thrones" down the 200 block of Main St. Those are home-made outhouses that are sprinted down the course and the one the holds together longer usually wins. 
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